Story of Cancer Survivor in Nepal: Dina Kayastha’s Journey


The story of cancer survival in Nepal is one filled with hope and resilience. Dina Kayastha from Maitidevi, Nepal, embodies this spirit. Dina’s battle with both breast and uterine cancer showcases the advancements in medical treatment and the power of determination. This blog delves into her story of cancer survivor in Nepal, highlighting the challenges she faced and the strength she discovered within herself.

Diagnosis and Discovery

Dina Kayastha, a resident of Maitidevi, first encountered the chilling news of having breast cancer. Like many, the initial shock was overwhelming. However, her story of cancer  survivor in Nepal took another turn when, during regular check-ups and screenings, she was also diagnosed with uterine cancer. The dual diagnosis could have been devastating, but Dina chose to face it head-on, adding another chapter to her inspiring story of cancer survivor in Nepal.

Message of Hope

Dina’s message is clear: there is no need to fear cancer. She emphasizes that effective treatments are available, even in Nepal. Her words are a comforting reminder that cancer can be fought and overcome with the right medical intervention and support, a crucial part of her story of cancer  survivor in Nepal.

The Treatment Process

Dina underwent six cycles of chemotherapy, a common but challenging treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy is known for its harsh side effects, including hair loss, vomiting, weakness, and mood changes. Dina describes the first six days post-chemotherapy as particularly tough, with her body reacting intensely to the medication. However, she noticed that her body would start to feel normal again after this initial period of difficulty. This phase was a significant part of her story of cancer  survivor in Nepal.

Dr. Sudip Shrestha: A Beacon of Hope

A significant part of Dina’s successful treatment was due to Dr. Sudip Shrestha, renowned for his expertise in cancer treatment in Nepal. Under his care, Dina felt confident and supported throughout her journey. Dr. Shrestha’s compassionate approach and advanced knowledge in oncology made a huge difference in her story of cancer  survivor in Nepal.

Dr. Sudip Shrestha’s contributions to cancer treatment in Nepal have been profound. His dedication to his patients and his ability to provide personalized care have made a significant impact on many lives. Dina praises Dr. Shrestha not only for his medical expertise but also for his emotional support, which was crucial during her treatment. His reputation as one of the best cancer treatment doctors in Nepal is well-deserved, and he is an integral part of many stories of cancer  survivor in Nepal, including Dina’s.

The Role of Family Support

During her battle with cancer, Dina found immense support from her husband, Mr. Ramesh Kumar Shrestha. Family support is crucial in the fight against cancer, and Dina’s experience underscores the importance of having loved ones by one’s side. Ramesh’s unwavering support was a pillar of strength for Dina, helping her navigate the emotional and physical challenges of her treatment. His support was another vital element in her story of cancer  survivor  in Nepal.

The Importance of Follow-Up and Lifestyle Changes

Regular follow-ups and lifestyle changes played a significant role in Dina’s recovery. She adhered to a strict follow-up schedule: every three months initially, then every six months, and eventually once a year. These follow-ups ensured that any recurrence of cancer could be detected early and treated promptly, a key aspect of her story of cancer  survivor in Nepal.

Dina also made significant dietary changes, avoiding alcohol, smoking, fermented pickles, uncooked salad, smoked or BBQ meat, and spicy pickles. Instead, she focused on consuming boiled, fresh, and cooked foods. These changes were crucial in maintaining her health and aiding her recovery, further enriching her story of cancer  survivor in Nepal.

Life After Cancer
Story of cancer survivor in nepal

Dina’s story of cancer survival in Nepal is not just about surviving cancer but thriving after it. She continues to lead a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of regular exercise and a balanced diet. Her experience has transformed her outlook on life, making her more resilient and appreciative of the small joys.

A Message to Other Cancer Patients

Dina’s message to other cancer patients is one of encouragement and hope. She believes that with the right treatment, support, and lifestyle changes, cancer can be overcome. Her journey is a source of inspiration for many, showing that it is possible to beat cancer and lead a fulfilling life. Her story of cancer  survivor in Nepal serves as a beacon of hope for others.

Can a Cancer Survivor Live a Long Life?

From Dina Kayastha’s perspective, the answer is a resounding yes. Surviving cancer does not mean that life will be cut short. With advancements in treatment and regular medical follow-ups, cancer survivors can live long, healthy lives. Dina’s own experience is a testament to this possibility. She continues to lead a fulfilling life, proving that cancer does not define the end but can be a new beginning. Her journey is a crucial part of the broader story of cancer survivor in Nepal.

What is the Top Cancer in Nepal?

In Nepal, the most common type of cancer among women is breast cancer, while among men, it is lung cancer. Dina’s diagnosis of breast cancer reflects this trend. Awareness and regular screenings are vital in early detection and treatment, which can significantly improve survival rates. This awareness is a key element in the collective story of cancer  survivor in Nepal.

How Does Surviving Cancer Change You?

Surviving cancer changes a person in profound ways. For Dina, it brought a renewed appreciation for life and a deeper sense of resilience. She emerged stronger, with a clearer perspective on what truly matters. The experience taught her the value of support, both from family and healthcare providers, and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her journey transformed her into a source of inspiration for others facing similar battles, adding a new dimension to her story of cancer  survivor in Nepal.


Dina Kayastha’s story is a powerful reminder that cancer, while daunting, is not unbeatable. With advancements in medical treatments, supportive doctors like Dr. Sudip Shrestha, and the unwavering support of family, the battle against cancer can be won. Dina’s journey is a beacon of hope for many, illustrating that with courage, support, and determination, one can overcome even the toughest challenges. Her story of cancer  survivor in Nepal is an inspiring testament to human resilience.

Dr. Sudip Shrestha’s role in her recovery highlights the importance of having skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals in the fight against cancer. His dedication to providing the best possible care has made a significant difference in the lives of many patients, including Dina. He is a crucial figure in the ongoing narrative of cancer  survivor in Nepal.

Her story resonates not just within Nepal but across the world, offering hope and inspiration to countless individuals facing similar battles. Dina’s resilience and positive attitude are a testament to the human spirit’s incredible strength in the face of adversity. Her story of cancer  survivor in Nepal serves as a beacon of hope and courage for all.

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