Empathy Meets Innovation:

Redifining Cancer Treatment Services With Compassion!

Cancer Treatments

Gynaecological Cancer Treatment

"Dr. Sudip Shrestha offers Comprehensive Gynecologic Cancer Treatments in Nepal, offering expert care and therapies. Empowering you on your journey to your better health."

Breast Cancer Treatment

"Dr. Sudip Shrestha offers effective Breast Cancer Treatment options, resources, and support for a hopeful journey toward recovery through compassionate care, Chemotherapy, and Immunotherapy.”

GI Cancer Treatment

"Effective Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment by Dr. Sudip can Improve your Health. Trust Nepal’s leading team for comprehensive care to see the progressive recovery. Book an appointment now!"

Lung Cancer Treatment

"Discover effective lung cancer treatments in Nepal, from chemotherapy and radiation to targeted therapies and immunotherapy. Get comprehensive care for better results."

Treatment Services


"Effective Chemotherapy Treatment by ensuring optimal care, advanced techniques, and compassionate support can save your life from cancer.” Book a consultation now!"


"Harnessing the Power of Your Immune System for Effective Treatment. Dr. Sudip's Expertise in Immunotherapy can make you a cancer survivor. Book Consultation.”

Targeted Therapy

"Effective treatment , tailored to effectively combat diseases with personalized targeted therapy treatment by our experts deliver for the best results.”

Preventive Services

Screening Program

Early Detection for Better Health. Our Comprehensive Program Offers Timely Screenings and Preventive Measures for Optimal Well-being.

Emergency Services

Emergency Department

24 hours a day and seven days a week, we provide emergency services for all patients along with stand by Nurses & Experienced Doctor.

Day Care

Day Care Service

Reliable Day Care Service: A nurturing and safe environment for your loved ones, providing quality care and enriching experiences.

Palliative Care Service

Palliative Care Service

Enhancing Quality of Life and Comfort. Our Compassionate Team Provides Holistic Support for Patients and Families Facing Serious Illness